The Transit Station
In environment design, true harmony can be achieved by integrating the design into the natural surroundings. Use local materials and the topography's inherent shape to create a transparent flow of interior to exterior…
Projects that are to be presented in VR need to be designed form the ground up to be so. There are unique technical requirements.
  •  Lobby Entrance

    Lobby Entrance

  •  Lower entrance left

    Lower entrance left

  •  Look at stair tower

    Look at stair tower

  •  Looking down lobby

    Looking down lobby

  •  Leaving Elevator

    Leaving Elevator

  •  Toward Hearth

    Toward Hearth

  •  Leaving Stair

    Leaving Stair

  •  Entrance View

    Entrance View

  •  Upper Deck

    Upper Deck

  •  Main Area

    Main Area

  •  Signage


  •  Upper Deck 2

    Upper Deck 2

VR Architecture

Transit Station

This is a personal design meant to showcase VR technologies. The prototype is used as testbed developing technologies in VR. Select the button below to go to YouTube and view the project in 360 degrees. Make sure you set the resolution to the maximum for best quality.

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