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The beauty and elegance in lines of Art Deco, drive the post-futuristic look at art, architecture and technology in the 20s and 30s. Some of the most incredible structures ever created originated in the ideals of Art Deco…

Hyperion Observatory

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This personal virtual design project has been in my head for more than two decades in multiple forms. I have now realized the design and have created it for exploration as if the location were real.

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The fictional location, were it really built, was constructed in 1935 on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, East of Rochester, NY. Set along a rocky coastal area complete with an Art Deco lighthouse.

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A multi-purpose facility The Hyperion Observatory features a main telescope for professional astronomers, a full size library, an orrery, a planetarium and a refreshment/dining area for hosting events.

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Multiple points of entry/exit to be able to enjoy the vistas far away from the city lights.
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Hyperion Observatory - Case Study


Realized in the Unreal Engine

Coupling a nostalgic era of design with the latest in VR technologies, and period music, drives player presence and solidifies the believability of the observatory's existence


The creation and of use of bleeding edge technologies in lighting, potential visible areas, shading, procedural texturing and mesh optimization

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Personally, Art Deco evokes a sense of distinguished design in its streamlined forms and materials…
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