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In environment design, true harmony can be achieved by integrating the design into the natural surroundings. Use local materials and the topography's inherent shape to create a transparent flow of interior to exterior…

Multimodal Transit Station

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The Esweegah multimodal transit station has been designed as a high-end VR testbed experience. Built for testing player locomotion, teleportation and navigation, interactions with UX/UI and for pushing the limits of fidelity and quality, utilizing the latest GPUs

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This facility and its surroundings are a personal design exercise in utilizing architectural visualization in VR. It is a continuously evolving testbed for testing all things virtual.

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It is designed as a room scale experience for the HTC Vive.

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Projects that are to be VR need to be designed from the ground up to be so. There are unique technical requirements.

Esweegah Station - Case Study


Utilizing the latest in navigation and teleportation techniques

Continuous testbed for VR technologies, hardware and software. Leveraging the content to multiple delivery platforms like 360 degree video and panoramic tours


Controller based motion and integrated map based teleportation

Integration of nVidia VRWorks for optimal performance and readying for future technologies
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VR experiences rely on presence. Presence is a suspension of disbelief of locality. Players with greatest emotional connection experience just that…
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