Timeline showing snapshots along my career path.

  • 1990 MAY

    Graduate College!

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    Graduating with a degree in Architecture. Also studies in Art and also Electrical Engineering.
  • 1990 JUL

    Architectural Designer / Project Manager

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    So begins my journey in Architectural Design and Project Management. I start my career at Root Two Design Build in Endicott, New York. My previous 3D experience on the AtariST allowed me to begin to create 3D models of designs and construction documents for projects I was working on.
  • 1990 FALL

    New delineation techniques!

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    Introduced new techniques for perspective delineation in airbrush, pen & ink, colored pencil and gouache to showcase projects to client base.
  • 1991 JUN

    Begin work at Bergmann Associates

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    Left my hometown of Candor, New York and moved to Rochester, New York. Bergmann Associates hires me as a Landscape and Architectural Designer. Initial responsibilities include CAD design and company wide art, architectural and landscape delineation. Began working with InterAct and InterPro VAX/VMS workstations. Continued Architectural understudy, working towards license.
  • 1991 FALL

    First 3D models for Marketing and Presentation

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    Introduced early 3D modeling for presentation and design decisions. Aimed to create photo-realistic imagery for capturing new work and helping the client/design decision process. Microstation/AutoCAD and Intergraph's Modelview coupled with Photoshop.
  • 1992 EARLY

    First Animated Flythrough

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    Created first animated fly through of an engineering project using Intergraph Modelview. Final output was VHS tape!
  • 1992 JUL

    I choose Alias PowerAnimator

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    Mr. Donald Bergmann was a visionary and saw the value of the services and products we were developing(myself and Richard Burgett). After months of research, testing and weighing the options, I choose PowerAnimator. The company then purchases Alias Research's PowerAnimator for 3D modeling, animation and design and our first SGI IRIX workstation.
  • 1992 FALL

    Bergmann grows and gains marketshare

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    Starting late 1992 our imagery, renderings and animations were helping the company make inroads into larger projects and new areas of industry. At this point we we starting to branch out into entertainment/commercial markets because of our skill sets, expertise and experience. Our use of high-end hardware and software helped Bergmann Associatesto garner a reputation of excellence and as a firm on the bleeding edge.
  • 1993 JUL

    First SGI Onyx desk side supercomputer

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    Bergmann purchases our first Onyx for creating realtime simulation and animation. We begin by introducing MultiGen and Paradigm toolsets for realtime 3D serious games and simulation of large engineering and architecture projects. I spearhead the charge to create a computer graphics group within the company. I also begin my career transition away from Architecture and Engineering, as my focus shifts to computer graphics, design and animation.
  • 1993 OCT

    Tools to create cutting edge services and products

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    A big part of growth at Bergmann, during this era, was because our group helped add new clients and land/extend contracts with existing clients. The company recognizes our efforts and our reputation for creating bleeding edge content. The company continues to invest into our knowledge, staff and toolsets. At the time I work on helping the UX/UI for Lightscape, one of the first global illumination applications to become a commercial product.
  • 1994 OCT

    Founded New York State CAD User Group

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    Found NYS CAD User Group. Develop in-house education for CAD staff and designers. Created a publication titled 'Microwave' a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to Microstation users all over the North East. Began mentoring junior staff through technical support and training both internally and externally. Created the application add-on for Microstation called ION(Integrated Operations Nucleus) a suite of tools to aid CAD users in all day-to-day operations.
  • 1995 EARLY

    Instrumental in landing corporate and commercial video

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    Started developing video production services in-house. We begin producing videos, animation and production artwork for a wide variety of industries beyond our core markets of Architecture and Engineering. We forge partnerships with Alias and with SGI. Our videos and projects are used throughout their company demos. I am also invited to give demos of their products throughout the US.
  • 1995 MAR

    Bergmann Associates Visualization recognized

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    Our group was officially recognized as a division of the company and given the branding of Bergmann Associates Visualization. Bergmann purchases additional SGI workstation and software. Started ramping up staff. Our work continues to garner a top-notch reputation and our client list swells!
  • 1995 MAY

    I create a joint Kodak/Universal Studios attraction

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    Inspired by the Jurassic Park movie, Kodak and Universal Studios Florida ask us to create a concept for a Jurassic Park themed attraction for Kodak. As riders come off the Jurassic Park attraction they would enter the Kodak sponsored shop. The concept I presented was that this 'area' was where the dinosaurs were really created, a separate island, so as to not endanger park patrons. Something goes awry and the real Universal Studios patrons are thrown into the mix with Jurassic park personnel and dinosaurs.
  • 1995 AUG

    Big project in Puerto Rico

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    Taksed with creating an animated marketing video for the Governor re-elect of Puerto Rico. The video showcased the redesign of the major highway through San Juan. It featured 3d animation and compositing to help the constituents what his plans were for revitalization and renewal.
  • 1996 APR

    SGI Onyx 2 and continued growth

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    Further expanding our expertise we add more new hardware and software as we continue to develop industry leading content and services. What an amazing year at Bergmann! Video productions, animation, and simulation projects were rolling in and kept our team busy! Clients were happy, always adding new ones and the work was fast and furious!
  • 1996 DEC

    Announce my intent to leave

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    I am leaving Bergmann to co-found CyberArts, Inc. CyberArts is a startup film and game design school in Rochester. I had the greatest memories of Bergmann and forever thankful for all of the opportunities presented me and to the great team I worked with!
  • 1997 JAN

    First session at CyberArts

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    CyberArts was a dream come true! For almost a year I helped my friend set things up. I didn't know I would be leaving to join CyberArts. When presented with opportunity to be the lead instructor in art, design and all things new media I jumped! The days were long as I was instructing day and night sessions. CyberArts was designed from the ground up for Artists and creative folk. The lab was equipped with SGI workstations for the students.
  • 1997 AUG

    Worked closely with a big toy company

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    At StoryHouse Entertainment(division of CyberArts for consultation and development) I worked very closely with Fisher-Price on multiple projects. One of the first things I helped design the pipeline of getting real world sculpted data into the 3d systems to be converted into point clouds for machining. By creating the industry standard of converting height maps to displacement and then to real polygons. This changed the entire workflow for FP to get real world art into manufactured mass produced products.
  • 1998 MAY

    Pixel Mojo is hatched

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    In my spare time, I created an entity and started doing business as Pixel Mojo. I created commercials, visual FX, animation, concept art, game design and industrial design product concepts. I also started dabbling in the VR realm with large defense contractor research departments.
  • 1998 JUL

    Created Concept for Battlefield Simulator At StoryHouse Entertainment

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    Designed a new battlefield simulator to run in realtime on SGI Onyx2/3 and Challenge servers. The concept would replace 'room' size tactical training board game with a multiplayer 3D system. The system multiplayer and AI controlled battle simulations across various terrain and locales including time of day and weather related phenomena. I designed the UX/UI all interactions, visuals, and art direction. I worked closely with US Army SME's to create the concept.
  • 1998 AUG

    First Pooh concept for Disney

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    In a partnership with Kodak and Disney I was tasked with creating Winnie the Pooh in 3D for Imagineering. He was also to be used in an interactive storybook and animation tests. I worked very closely with Disney creative leadership to capture the essence of Pooh in 3D form.
  • 1999 FALL

    New classes start and we add more teachers

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    Our first few crops of students have completed their training and many have moved on to starting their careers in games, film and other industries. We have more instructors now to help with all of the disciplines we are now teaching. The school was hitting its stride, and StoryHouse was getting more production work!
  • 1999 JAN

    Personalized, customized training for professionals

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    CyberArts was now offering on-site training or training at our facility. Professionals looking to grow their skill sets or change careers, we had it covered. I lead the custom personalized training and helped many individuals learn new skills, tools and techniques that were emerging throughout the industry. A wide range of clients from film, animation, comic industry, games, video production and industrial design all sought our knowledge and expertise.
  • 1999 JUL

    Left CyberArts

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    After much deliberation I depart CyberArts and StoryHouse at the end of July to pursue production full-time and to develop my personal Pixel Mojo brand. I have very dear memories of CyberArts, my Partner and all the staff and students. An era of my life that I shall never forget.
  • 1999 SEP

    Formed partnership with Pospula Associates

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    Working closely with my former Architecture mentor(from Bergmann Associates), Richard Pospula, I was tasked with creating marketing materials, design tools, rendering and animation for their clientele. Rich was and is a great friend and a wise and talented Architect. Over the years I have learned a great deal from him. We worked closely together on a wide variety of projects.
  • 2000 APR

    Married Heidi on April 15th

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    It was on tax day, it was 81 degrees and the sun was shining. What a beautiful day. This country boy got lucky and married 'up'! For some reason this woman said yes to me and I was blessed that day!
  • 2000 JUN

    New business development

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    In addition to production I began offering training for professionals at my new facility. 3D design, concept, animation, visual effects and game development training.
  • 2001 JAN

    Back to Bergmann Associates

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    Was asked to return in a leadership role in Art Direction and development. Management of junior staff and project management and coordination. In addition I was tasked with production on multiple high profile projects.
  • 2003 MAY

    Leave Bergmann for new opportunities

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    I leave behind the legacy of what I helped start at Bergmann Associates for the last time. Forever and continuously thankful for every opportunity presented to me.
  • 2004 APR

    Large scale vis work for Pyramid

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    The project was so well received and successful, that once completing the project, Pyramid presents me with a job offer I can't refuse, they ask me to change their presentation pipeline and lead a group dedicated to helping leasing, marketing and design. Over the next four and a half years I lead a tight knit team that drives bleeding edge products and services to help the company. Leading to growth in leasing and quality across the retail portfolio.
  • 2008 OCT

    Say a fond farewell to Syracuse

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    I set off for Austin, Texas to join a startup to lead a team in designing a next generation web based children's, MMO game. Marblez Inc.
  • 2009 APR

    Begin creation of my first mobile game title

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    I designed and created this children's educational game. This game teaches little ones their shapes, numbers, colors, letters. My partner Chris and I form Bluemint Studios to create this app and others.
  • 2010 OCT

    Lead Artist Nine Pound Studios

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    My expertise in Unity and mobile development helped me land the Lead Artist/Unity guru at Nine Pound. Our first property was called Xenome Episode 1. Xenome was the first open world, no-load, sci-fi, persistent role playing game. It covered sixteen square miles of a hostile wasteland set in a post-apocalyptic future. The team and story were exceptional and had some of the best times of my career in my short time there. Cheers fellas!
  • 2011 JUN

    Nine Pound has a short lifespan

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    Xenome did not sell at the levels required to keep the doors open for our little company. That spring we all went our separate ways. The experience of building a very lofty game, with such a small team, will last a lifetime.
  • 2011 JUL

    From this point on I have been focused on realtime graphics

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    Through contacts at Unity and in the simulation and games industries, I have been continuously developing new projects and products across a wide variety of platforms and industries. I truly love creating experiences in entertainment, education and simulation. The places we can go with our imaginations is endless.
  • 2011 OCT

    Begin working for ICF

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    Start at ICF as Lead Unity and Lead Artist for the company. Worked on public and commercial projects for a wide variety of industries. Lead UX/UI, Lead Artist/Art Director for all our products in the ModSim group.
  • 2014 AUG

    Dive back into the VR world

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    With the re-emergence of consumer VR with Oculus and then the Vive I am fully invested back into VR after my time spent in the late 90's and early 2000's with large government contractors. My main focus today is in this space for industry and entertainment fields.
  • 2017 JAN

    Continued development in XR space

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    I have been a part of many XR projects from games to sim and mobile over the last several years.
  • 2018 JULY


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    Relaunch garyhaus.com!
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