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Meet Gary Haus

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My name is Gary. I love all things Virtual and Augmented Reality, including games, and interactive experiences. I am very passionate about design and inspiring others to create truly unique content!

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Gary Franklin Haus

VR Designer / Game Developer / Experience Designer

Onsite VR Demo?

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If you are in the upstate/western New York area and you would like to see the future of games, simulation, visualization, and interactive experiences… Contact me and tell me about your needs and we can set up a time for a demonstration at your location!

Call: 585-330-2318

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Focus Pillars

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Virtual / Augmented Reality


For the past 2+ years I have been heavily involved with multiple VR projects. Working on creating amazing experiences and solving VR's challenges. Mixing together knowledge from many industries to create VR and AR experiences that are memorable and unique.

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Games / Serious games


Whether it is mobile, web based, desktop, or console I have a great deal of experience in a wide variety of titles, styles and platforms. As a digital sculptor, 2d and 3d designer, animator, art lead, UX/UI expert I have many titles under my belt.

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Experience Design


Using my knowledge in many different industries, I weave together experiences that engage the user. Whether its applications, games, VR, simulations or interactive experiences my skill sets and storytelling help bring to life amazing engaging experiences.

OUT NOW on STEAM! Viveport coming soon!

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I am of the belief that the harmony of design requires that form and function are not separate, but in fact, reciprocal, inseparable and symbiotic…

Merry Christmas!

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This year's Christmas Card was rendered directly from within Unity. It is not pre-rendered but captured from a realtime scene I designed and created.

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If you are building something that is truly user-centric, you must be constantly asking yourself is this intuitive? Does it break existing patterns? Really think about the user at every step…
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