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Mobile games as an engine for education, is yet another way for instructors to reach students to reinforce materials for learning with entertainment…

Bohr Thru

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I designed and created all of the art and design of each of these games for ICF and for the client NIH. Both games are designed to reach the high school science student as the target market. Bohr Thru teaches students about the atomic model though a Candy Crush clone type of gameplay.

Base Chase

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Base Chase teaches students about DNA pairs through a Doodle Jump clone type of gameplay.

Both games are free to play and are available on the Apple App Store.


Both applications share a similar art style to solidify branding of both of these games and to show their shared 'DNA' of design

Fun, polished, colorful UI makes it very approachable for the target audience and beyond


Availability on the App Store allows for ease of access and delivery to core audience

Utilizing mobile technologies drives a very easy to use mechanism for a polished user experience
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These games strive to encourage students to get excited about the subject matter…
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